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Camping gets groovy at the Walnut Valley Festival

Since my first trip to the Walnut Valley Festival 14 years ago (eek, where have the years gone?) I've admired many camper's ability to create fantastic campsites and wondered how they do it.

My own experience with camping hasn't been so great. One year, enthused to experience the festival at its best, I bought a huge beautiful blue and gray tent at a garage sale only to discover the tarp-like floor had a paint-flaking problem. Shane (my main squeeze and cohort) and I tried for several hours to put up this large and extremely complicated tent without success. We emerged frustrated, sweaty and covered in blue flakes that took forever to pick off. Our solution? The tent was promptly wadded up and thrown into the nearest trash can. To be honest, folks, trying to put up that tent was the closest we ever came to divorce. I don't recommend it.

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